How ‘Medical’ Is Marijuana?

Marijuana is slowly being legalized in most states in the United States and in other countries worldwide. What most people do not understand are the things that marijuana treats and how it should be used. According to some medical experts, most people ask for marijuana because of the pain that they are undergoing and this is according to a medical specialist known as Barth Wilsey from the University of California Davis Medical Center. Medical marijuana has enabled many people to recover from some painful situations in their lives and this is among the main reasons why most states are slowly legalizing it.

Why go for medical marijuana?

Some of the painful situations that call for medical marijuana are situations diseases like cancer, headaches and long time conditions such as nerve pain and glaucoma. Nowadays marijuana cards are given in those states that have legalized medical marijuana or where the doctors think that it is of help. This card allows you to buy marijuana from the dispensaries that are around you because it allows you to be included in the list. Marijuana modesto califronia is doing very well because it is legalized in California.

What does medical marijuana treat?

Marijuana can be used to treat quite a number of diseases and in fact this is the main reason why doctors find it useful to be legalized. Some of them include nausea that results from cancer chemotherapy, muscle spasms that are caused factors such as multiple sclerosis, seizure disorders, weight loss and poor appetite caused by factors like chronic illnesses such as HIV and nerve pain and crohn’s disease. THC has also been approved by FDA as an important ingredient that will be used for the treatment of nausea and appetite improvement.

How it works?

You cannot know how marijuana works unless you are used to using it. All bodies make chemicals that affect inflammation, pain and many other processes. These chemicals perform the same function like that of the body chemicals as far as the management of pain concerned. Marijuana helps the natural chemicals to work in a better way and this is according to a medical doctor known as Laura Borgelt from the University of Colorado. It is worth knowing that marijuana Stanislaus County has helped many users to recover from pain and leave normal lives.

 How to use medical marijuana

There are several ways in which one can take medical marijuana. Some of the main ways include: It can be taken as a liquid extract, It can be smoked, it can be eaten inform of candies and cookies and through vaporizing which happens when you heat to generate active ingredients.

Last but not least, it is worth knowing the side effects of marijuana and some of the main ones include drowsiness, dizziness, euphoria, and short-term memory loss. Another thing to note about medical marijuana is that it is not monitored or even approved by FDA because they are not sure if its purity, side effects and potency. Check out this: