How ‘Medical’ Is Marijuana?

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Marijuana is slowly being legalized in most states in the United States and in other countries worldwide. What most people do not understand are the things that marijuana treats and how it should be used. According to some medical experts, most people ask for marijuana because of the pain that they are undergoing and this is according to a medical specialist known as Barth Wilsey from the University of California Davis Medical Center. Medical marijuana has enabled many people to recover from some painful situations in their lives and this is among the main reasons why most states are slowly legalizing it.

Why go for medical marijuana?

Some of the painful situations that call for medical marijuana are situations diseases like cancer, headaches and long time conditions such as nerve pain and glaucoma. Nowadays marijuana cards are given in those states that have legalized medical marijuana or where the doctors think that it is of help. This card allows you to buy marijuana from the dispensaries that are around you because it allows you to be included in the list. Marijuana modesto califronia is doing very well because it is legalized in California.

What does medical marijuana treat?

Marijuana can be used to treat quite a number of diseases and in fact this is the main reason why doctors find it useful to be legalized. Some of them include nausea that results from cancer chemotherapy, muscle spasms that are caused factors such as multiple sclerosis, seizure disorders, weight loss and poor appetite caused by factors like chronic illnesses such as HIV and nerve pain and crohn’s disease. THC has also been approved by FDA as an important ingredient that will be used for the treatment of nausea and appetite improvement.

How it works?

You cannot know how marijuana works unless you are used to using it. All bodies make chemicals that affect inflammation, pain and many other processes. These chemicals perform the same function like that of the body chemicals as far as the management of pain concerned. Marijuana helps the natural chemicals to work in a better way and this is according to a medical doctor known as Laura Borgelt from the University of Colorado. It is worth knowing that marijuana Stanislaus County has helped many users to recover from pain and leave normal lives.

 How to use medical marijuana

There are several ways in which one can take medical marijuana. Some of the main ways include: It can be taken as a liquid extract, It can be smoked, it can be eaten inform of candies and cookies and through vaporizing which happens when you heat to generate active ingredients.

Last but not least, it is worth knowing the side effects of marijuana and some of the main ones include drowsiness, dizziness, euphoria, and short-term memory loss. Another thing to note about medical marijuana is that it is not monitored or even approved by FDA because they are not sure if its purity, side effects and potency. Check out this:

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The Legalization of Medical Marijuana Modesto California

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There are many different reasons why medicinal marijuana should be legalized. The main reason is the fact that it has been proven that medicinal marijuana can help those who are sick with certain ailments. There is no doubt that the opinions of those against and for the legalization of marijuana have grown since the Controlled Substances Act was changed in 1972. In 1972, the Controlled Substances Act stated that marijuana has no accepted medical use. However, thousands of people in the United States of America think otherwise. This is why around fifteen states have already legalized the medicinal use of marijuana. marijuana modesto.

Advantages of Medical Marijuana Modesto

There are many different advantages to using medical marijuana. For example, marijuana has the ability to ease the suffering of men and women who are sick. In addition, marijuana has other useful purposes. For example, the THC that is commonly found in most marijuana medicinal plant was found to be the killer of cells’ brain tumor. There are other research that shows that THC has found in most marijuana which can kill tumors in breast also, pancreas tumors, as well as liver tumors. This means that marijuana can prove to be extremely useful for men and women who have cancer. Other men and women also say that the legalization of marijuana could help the economy. If the United States of America legalizes the drug, regulates the drug, and taxes marijuana, there is no doubt that it could potentially lessen the overall federal debt.

The receptors in a person’s brain may allow an acceptance of any cannabinoids such as THC. These certain receptors contains the system’s large part of the body. Having said this it is known that the THC in marijuana can reduce pain and other stressful symptoms of specific diseases. For example, it can reduce symptoms that are commonly associated with chemotherapy regimens. There are still lots of advantages this medical plants can provide. Just make sure it is on your own benefits.

Medical Marijuana Can Help Sick Men and Women

There is no doubt that the medical use of marijuana can help men and women who are sick with specific diseases. For example, medical marijuana can help those who are sick with HIV, AIDS, Cancer, Glaucoma, Multiple Sclerosis, and epilepsy. medical marijuana is often known to help sick men and women who have to deal with pain and nausea. If you need to know more you should visit this link: here. Medical marijuana is also commonly used as a last resort when everything else fails to work. There are many different sick men and women who cannot keep down the nutrients that are needed to fight their specific ailments. These men and women often cannot keep down those nutrients without the use of medical marijuana. Medical marijuana in Modesto is very important.

Health Risk Myths

Although there are some health risks to smoking marijuana, there is no doubt that many of the stated health risks are simple myths.  For example, no one has ever overdosed on marijuana. In addition, while others believe that marijuana is addicting, research shows that marijuana is not physically addictive.…


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There are reasons that may make the doctor recommend medical marijuana for his or her patients. It is known that marijuana makes the user feel relaxed, restore appetite and also it is a pain reliever for those who undergo a lot pain. There are several symptoms that may occur on a patient that will force the doctor to recommend marijuana and also some diseases that can be treated by it.

Glaucoma Treatment

Glaucoma is an eye disease and some doctors and health scientist say that marijuana can treat these disease. Glaucoma increases pressure in the eyeball which in turn damages the optic nerve in the long run disabling vision. Some research done by an eye institute in 1970 concluded that marijuana reduces pressure inside the eye. Smoking marijuana reduces or prevents disease from spreading very fast.

Health To Lungs

For those people who smoke tobacco put their lungs at highest risk of contracting lung cancer. Marijuana does the opposite of tobacco by reversing the carcinogenic effect which is caused by tobacco. Marijuana helps a lot to increase lung capacity which is a key function in breathing.

Prevents Cancer Spread

Chemicals that are found in marijuana have been proven by research to prevent cancer from spreading fast is non-infected areas in the body. Marijuana has a chemical known as cannabidol which help stop a gene known has Id-1 which multiply very fast and spread highly so cannabidol stops its speed.

Reduces Anxiety

In order to relieve pain and nausea medical marijuana is prescribed. For those who undergo chemotherapy especially cancer hit people. A doctor prescribes a small dosage so that it may act as a mood controller of the patient. It is easy to treat a patient who does not have a high anxiety because panic will not crop in.

Reduces Side Effect Of Treating Hepatitis C

When treating hepatitis c is done it leaves a lot of side effects to the patient. It is mostly harsh and some of the negative side effects it leaves are fatigue, nausea, muscles aches, loss of appetite and depression. In all of these side effects medical marijuana has proven to overcome those all like during depression marijuana helps to relax the patient, loss of appetite marijuana helps to increase the appetite of the patient. Medical marijuana helps hepatitis c patients to finish their treatment because all the pain they experience is covered and reduced by medical marijuana.

Treatment Of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases.

Marijuana helps a lot in treating diseases that act on the walls of the stomach and intestines. Marijuana has chemicals like cannabidiol which mix the cells of the human body and help to immunize the walls from being acted on by ulcerative colitis. There are compound that weaken these walls making them permeable letting in bacteria that cause a problem in the stomach and intestine. The cannabinoids in marijuana help to prevent permeability of any bacteria and help to strengthens the cells bond.

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