Innovative Reliable Products for Honey Bee Health

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Innovative Reliable Products for Honey Bee Health


ALERT – Counterfeit Fumagilin-B - Disclaimer

Medivet’s label for Fumagilin-B has been illegally copied and someone is selling 

Fumagilin-B very cheaply as a counterfeit product. If you bought the product from an unreliable source or are unsure if you have the real Fumagilin-B please do not hesitate to contact us for verification. Please note Medivet does NOT sell Fumagilin-B anywhere in Turkey or any Middle Eastern Countries.

Fumagilin-B combats Nosema, a debilitating disease of adult honey bees worldwide. The active ingredient in Fumagilin-B is fumagillin, the only compound completely effective against Nosema without harming colonies.

Extensive trials demonstrate Fumagilin-B treatment results in:

  • More bees per colony
  • Increased honey production
  • Better pollination
  • Higher quality queens and packages

Soluble Nosema solution

  • University studies show that Fumagilin-B is more than 15 times more soluble than Fumadil-B
  • Easy to mix; dissolves without heating and mixes directly into syrup. Easy mixing means you can feel confident bees are getting the right dose every time.
  • Non-toxic to bees; 75-fold safety margin for bees.
  • No residue in honey, when used as directed.
  • Cost effective.
  • Reduces expensive colony replacement and results in more productive colonies.
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